An Easy Solution To Being "Too Busy" For A Marketing Plan

“I don’t need a marketing plan, I am busy enough”

If we had a pound for every time we have heard this, well…. we will leave the rest up to you!

One thing is for certain, we can all get super carried away with what we consider the “day job”.  Doing "the do" as we call it and feeling that marketing is not something we do at all, or it just fits in when we have time.

So What Is Marketing?

We have heard so many businesses say they don’t do marketing and therefore don’t need a plan.

A far better question is probably to ask "what is marketing?". We are fascinated by the fact that people say they don’t do it, yet don’t quite know what it is or feel able to define it. The other really interesting fact is that one person says they don’t do it yet someone else in a business thinks it’s something different to person number 1 and person number 2 thinks they do it a bit.

Can you see just how this can then cascade into a bit of a problem? Meanwhile the operational side of the business is facing challenges, dealing with obstacles, handling a range of exciting ideas, trying to get analytics to go through the roof, managing clients, handling stock issues, dealing with logistical matters, fixing the printer and probably sorting out who is going to answer the phone!

So, if there are operational issues, imagine how amazing it would be if the very process that could interlock and be there as a friend and support to operations is in fact Marketing!

There is a thing and actually quite a liberating thing!

How To Unlock Optimum Performance Of Your Team

If we want solutions, efficiency, productivity and optimum performance of your team then you need to see marketing as a process that your team can actually impact on – therefore, we need to plan for it!

Marketing links four things together – us, our prospects, our clients and our communications. We need to see what those four look like for us and what they include, so that we can then start to plan for the very process that will unlock our potential.


Now we have introduced that concept, let’s go back to the “I am busy enough” thing – once we have the marketing blueprint we can now attach some of our current activity to this and be able to see that in our “BUSYness” we are in fact doing marketing and getting involved in the process so imagine how powerful it would be if you could take that and run with it.

Take time to think about what you do in your day to day and just what does in fact fall into the marketing process. We love marketing and we love plans so if you want to supercharge what you are already doing, get in touch and talk to us about you, your business, your goals and your people.

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