Customer Feedback

We love to hear feedback from our customers and use it to continually refine our process. Here's what some of our customers said about our training. We'd love to hear from you too - why not get in touch?

Customer Feedback Customer Feedback
6 Engineering Logo

"The Course Delivered A Simple But Effective Structure"

Nick Howard, 6 Engineering's Managing Director said:

"The course delivered exactly what I wanted for my business: a simple but effective structure for managing and organising what we already do, and identifying what we don’t do currently but should."

"All Our Objectives For Supporting Us Develop Our Own Marketing Strategy Were Met"

Andrew Buchanan, Business Growth Manager said:

"The strategic marketing training provided by Mags was perfect for our business. Content was relevant and applicable, messaging was clear and concise, and all our objectives for supporting us develop our own marketing strategy were met."

"Really Good Course Delivery & Excellent Discussion Based Activity"

Graduate Safety Engineering Consultant, Jack Bourne said:

"Really good course delivery and excellent discussion based activity. Went into the training with little understanding of marketing and came out of it with a good level of knowledge on the subject."

"Highly Recommend For Business Growth"

Intern, George Foley said:

"[The course] changed my entire thought process of marketing! Felt specific to our area of work and in general some amazing knowledge. Clearly some smart brains behind the whole operation, highly recommend for business growth!"

"It Helped Our Company Develop A Structured Marketing Plan"

Process Safety Intern Aislin Brown said:

"I thoroughly enjoyed the marketing course lead by Mags. Before today's course I was unaware of all the different marketing avenues, it was very insightful and helped our company develop a structured marketing plan."

AbacusBean Team

"Really Thought Provoking & A Light Bulb Moment"

AbacusBean Managing Director, Bev Goodall said:

"Wow! Doing the Marketing Strategy course with Red Button Marketing & Training has really made me think - of what we currently do and what we are missing.

Really thought provoking and a light bulb moment!"

"I’m Excited To Get Rid Of My Many Never Ending To Do Lists
& Have My Tasks In The Software"

Louise Gilbey, Marketing Manager said:

"Fantastic workshop! I can’t wait to get stuck into the software, which shows marketing in a clear way. Having a clear and visual representation of marketing will enable the team to see where they fit into the marketing process and encourage engagement.

For me, as a marketing manager, I’m excited to get rid of my many never ending to do lists and have my tasks in the software, that will organise me, show my strategy in a clear and understandable way, and demonstrate how all tasks come together and link into the strategy and outcomes TeamBean are aiming to achieve.

Thanks Red Button Marketing! We’ve pressed the button and are ready for lift off!"

"It Was Great To Have Interesting Discussions About Each Other’s
Current Marketing Challenges & Goals"

"Great strategic marketing session delivered by Margaret at Red Button Marketing, the session covered relevant topics to my industry and has left me with a lot to think about in terms of tailoring my marketing approach. It was great to meet and network with other North East organisations and to have interesting discussions about each other’s current marketing challenges and goals."

Lucy Connolly, Commercial Recruitment Consultant
Adkins & Cheurfi Recruitment

"The Course Helped Me To Understand
How To Plan A Marketing Strategy"

"The course was very interesting and helped me to understand more about how to plan a marketing strategy, and it has given me some great ideas on how to get started. The session was very well structured and the group participation was well received… I even met some new connections!"

Cassandra McGill, Business Development
Bowe Digital

Concept Media Logo

"A Lovely Bunch Of People & A Ground-Breaking Course"

Lucy Horsman, Owner of Concept Media Academy Ltd said:

"Mags was fantastic in presenting the marketing training. The session was amazing in that Mags asked all attendees and myself questions about our business, so we could create action plans to implement after the workshop session. I highly recommend having a training session with their team, a lovely bunch of people and a ground-breaking course; thank you!"

"I Feel Equipped With More Knowledge On Marketing"

“Now that I have attended Module 1, I feel equipped with more knowledge on marketing and have a better understanding of how the whole team can get involved. The webinar style of delivery was great; everything was super easy to follow; and the session was nice and relaxed.”

Janine Marsh, Sales Executive
Digital Edge Online Solutions Limited

"The Sessions Have Left Us Feeling Capable Of Reaching Our Goals"

"Margaret’s Red Button technique has taught us a lot and made marketing seem less daunting. It is extremely helpful for creating an efficient marketing strategy and gaining a better oversight on task management so you’re not left feeling overwhelmed.  Margaret took us back to basics and taught us how to go about creating a unified platform to work from. Her sessions have really helped focus our ideas and left us feeling capable of reaching our goals."

Carina Nausner
Durham Coffee Ltd

"Innovative & Practical Training That I Was Applying Straight Away"

"This was innovative & practical training that I was applying straight away during the course. My Marketing Button is a great online marketing tool. Thank you!"

Janet Reveley, CEO
Fit Training International

Intasite Logo

"The Workshop Was A Great Opportunity For The Management Team
To Get A Deeper Understanding Of What Marketing Is"

Danielle Croce, Commercial Director at Intastite said:

"The workshop was a great opportunity for the management team to get a deeper understanding of what marketing is, and how each team member can contribute to the overall strategy no matter what their role. This could be as little as contacting existing clients, upselling new features or providing knowledge share for further business development opportunities."

"We Have Integrated The My Marketing Button App To Ensure That Our Marketing Activity Is Targeted Towards Achieving Our Objectives"

"iTCHYROBOT worked with Margaret at Red Button Marketing & Training as part of a workshop to give us an external perspective on our marketing strategy and we have integrated the My Marketing Button App to ensure that our marketing activity is kept focused and tracked to keep us targeted towards achieving our objectives. The app is simple to use and easy to manage which is a revelation with marketing software and the interface is not complex but engaging and intuitive. We hope to roll the app out to the team to encourage co-ordination and a bit of healthy competition."

Rebecca Lambton

KDM Partnership Logo

"The Red Button Marketing Philosophy Provided Us
With A Very Clear Framework To Work Within"

KDM Partnership's Managing Director, Shaun Heap said:

Our team had a great session on the Red Button Marketing philosophy which provided us with a very clear framework to work within, enabling us to take our marketing for 2023 forward in a more structured way.

Linthorpe Beds Logo

"It Was Brilliant To Seek New Ideas I’ve Not Tried Yet For The Business"

Linthorpe Beds' Digital Marketing and PR Social Media Manager Cassie Cooper, said:

"I really benefitted from this insightful course.

It was packed with relevant knowledge and it was brilliant to seek new ideas I’ve not tried yet for the business."

Training workshop at MFC Foundation

"A Genuine Game-Changer. Energizing, Thought Provoking and Practical"

What an amazing training session from Red Button Marketing Training. A genuine game-changer. It has already transformed the way my team are thinking about marketing and will provide the model that will inform everything we do to promote the work of Middlesbrough FC Foundation. Energizing, thought provoking and practical. Genuinely can't recommend Red Button Marketing Training highly enough - Thank You!

Paul Shepherd, Business Development Manager
MFC Foundation

"[The Strategic Marketing Course was] Brilliant!"

"[The Strategic Marketing Course was] Brilliant!

Mags is really great at delivering the content and involving everyone in the conversations. There was no pressure, the whole afternoon felt relaxed and natural. It was really engaging and I left feeling extra motivated and couldn’t wait to get started!"

Caroline Noble, Marketing Manager

RTC North Logo

"We Took Away Action Points For How We Can Achieve Our Marketing Goals"

Mia Harding, Marketing Officer at RTC North said:

"This Strategic Marketing Training Course from Red Button Marketing has really made me aware of what we are currently doing and what we still need to do, taking away action points for how we can achieve our marketing goals."

Sapere Software logo

"We Have Seen An Increase In Our Meetings With Prospective Clients And We Are Delighted That We Are Reaching More People With Our Message”

Paul Drake, Commercial Director at Sapere Software said:

“At Sapere we are focused on supporting businesses with amazing software solutions and were keen to reach out to more businesses to help them with our expertise. We knew we needed dedicated resources to undertake cold outreach work, so we employed candidates who had values that aligned well with our business that also had a “can do” attitude and a willingness to pick up the phone.

As a software business, we are specialists in our field but we knew we needed support when it came to cold outreach and marketing expertise, so, with no hesitation we reached out to Red Button Marketing Training who specialise in marketing process and telemarketing training. We engaged with Mags at Red Button Marketing Training who put together a bespoke training package that would offer ongoing support to our team. She focused on outreach techniques that meant our team had more in their “backpack” to help them on each call. Since our work with Mags, we have seen an increase in our meetings with prospective clients and we are delighted that we are reaching more people with our message.”

"I Feel I Can Plan An Efficient Marketing Strategy
Broken Down Into Manageable Tasks"

A key takeaway for me from the Marketing Planning workshop is that Marketing is not just down to one person in the business – the whole company is involved in some way however big or small. Marketing can be broken down and managed with simple tasks.

I’m a very visual person so I think the My Marketing Button software will help me get tasks done more efficiently and keep me on target. With the help of my new knowledge and the software access I feel I can plan an efficient marketing strategy broken down into manageable tasks.

Rebecca Greener, Business Manager
Shadbolt Group

Tees Components Logo

"The Support I’ve Had From Mags Since Has Also Been Incredible"

Tees Components' Beth Martin, Contracts & Marketing Officer said:

"The button methodology really hit the nail on the head of how marketing within a business goes beyond Social Media etc and actually encompasses much of your day to day activities.

For me, the session with Mags was so beneficial because it allowed me to join the dots and gave me tools to be able to explain each individual's role within an overall marketing plan.

As a result, we’re experiencing what is potentially the busiest time the business has seen and has helped us develop a strategy where we can be consistent in our messaging and output even when driving sales may not be such a priority.

The support I’ve had from Mags since has also been incredible. Having someone to chat through things with and giving an external point of view has been so helpful."

They Had Gained New Knowledge & Insight Into How To Set Out & Create A Sustainable Marketing Plan For Growth

"We engaged the services of Margaret Bradshaw of Red Button Marketing and Training to deliver content on our Pitch Perfect programme. The programme is about preparing businesses for investment.

Margaret delivered a session on the subject of developing an effective marketing plan. This was in order to both offer a connected process that would underpin business growth but also to showcase to investors that they were ready for the next stage and armed with a powerful and clear way to make best use of any investment received. In addition, the content gave delegates a way to showcase their businesses to potential investors as there was time spent on reaching a target market.

The session was well received by the delegates. They said that they had gained new knowledge and insight into how to set out and create a sustainable marketing plan for growth."

Jordan Dargue, CEO
Tees Valley Business Hub

"Marketing Strategy In A Practical Package"

Marketing strategy in a practical package. Perfect for people who know how important marketing is and want to spend as much time as possible executing the plan, rather than stressing over it.

Rachel Todd, Head of Fundraising and Marketing
Willow Burn Hospice

XL Precision Technologies logo

"I Feel Excited To Put New Ideas Into Practise"

Lucy Williams, Business Development Manager at XL Precision Technologies said:

“Thank you for such an enjoyable training session! The content we covered was great and the webinar itself wasn't overwhelming. Now that I have attended Module 1, I feel excited to put new ideas into practise.”

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