An Engineering Masterpiece!

The feeling of seeing a new product manufactured and out in the market is amazing and we all love a bit of innovation and innovative technology.  We see the end product and enjoy the difference it makes to our lives.

When we think about how that product made its way to us, we may think about the factory it was made in.  We could think about what machines it took to create such a product or part.

Thinking About Engineering Drawings

However, we may not think as far back as the drawings or engineering designs that were the first blueprint. Let’s take a moment to consider the level of detail at this stage that then resulted in the product being finished. For this blog, we took a visit to and found so much great content around engineering drawings.

The first thing that stood out was the message "You don’t have to be an engineer to be able to read engineering drawings, while learning how to read engineering drawings can be a big advantage for you in your work.”

You may ask why are we so keen to talk about engineering drawings? The answer is that it’s just like the process of marketing!

You don’t need to be a “marketeer” to be able to see or understand the marketing plan for the business, but you can learn the process that powers that plan so you see why your involvement makes such a difference!

What Are Engineering Drawings Used For?

Engineering drawings (aka blueprints, prints, drawings, mechanical drawings) are a rich and specific outline that shows all the information and requirements needed to manufacture an item or product. It is more than simply a drawing; it is a graphical language that communicates ideas and information. (source

A Marketing Plan To Communicate Ideas & Information

So, let’s now apply the same thinking to your marketing plan – Marketing plans are a rich and specific outline that shows all the tasks, reasons and impact needed to embed a marketing culture. It is more than simply a plan, it is a visible language that communicates ideas, purpose and motivation so a business moves forward with a united team.

By applying similar thinking, we unlock so much potential for our businesses and our people. That household item that you use every day to help make your life easier, started out as a set of intricate drawings – so your business success needs to set out with a set of intricate relationships that form an epic plan! Sharing your marketing plan (aka drawings) with others means everyone is super excited about what is to come, and this is marketing magic!

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