Feeling the Force with High Force Training

Here at Red Button Marketing & Training, we love empowering people and working with them on their leadership journey.  So naturally we were delighted to work with High Force Training and learn more about their Managing for Growth programme.

Over recent months we have really embraced the training element of our business and enjoy seeing the benefits of reaching out with a solution that empowers others to achieve.

The development of people and skills in respect of marketing and strategy is undoubtedly a massive part of our overall mission.

So, when High Force Training reached out to us to offer some support to them as they promote their Managing For Growth programme, we jumped at the opportunity.

About High Force Training

High Force Training was set up by Simon Williamson following over 25 years in senior management positions in a variety of businesses, Simon is an experienced business consultant specialising in leadership, management and team development, Simon supports clients to achieve higher productivity, employee engagement and improved performance at work, enabling them to reach their key objectives faster.

The aim of High Force Training is to solve the management & leadership issues facing businesses, both large and small. Their unique approach is not only what differentiates them, but also what makes them successful. Offering a range of services and solutions to help organisations facilitate change, improve communication, develop growth strategies, cultivate innovation and optimise performance and productivity, High Force is excited about the future.

Working Together

As part of our work with High Force, we had the pleasure of sitting in one of the final presentation sessions with a large North East scientific company. There were 12 delegates involved and they were presenting their outcomes and areas for improvement from their time on the course.

Managing For Growth involves 7 sessions of 2 hours and is spread over a 5-month period. This gives maximum opportunity for delegates to learn, apply and report back on progress. The focus of the programme is to deliver tangible benefits to both the delegate and the business. Recognising the value of supervisors, team leaders and junior managers, Managing For Growth looks at:

  • What Management is:

  • Communicating and Influencing

  • Motivational Management

  • Managing Performance

  • Time Management

  • Delegating

Problem Solving, Decision Making and Idea Generation

So, back to the group we were involved in. During the presentations key areas for improvement were identified. One example resulted in thousands of pounds of savings for the business just by introducing a new product maintenance programme. The person involved felt that as a result of the training given, she was able to be confident enough to present new thinking, motivate and train others in a new process and lead by example. The business saved significant amounts of money.

This was just one example of many that provided very real benefits in terms of time and progress. Many of those on this programme felt that as individuals they were stronger and more able to delegate effectively, spot opportunities and challenge the status quo to achieve positive outcomes.

To see the progress made by those who were involved in the programme was amazing and we felt privileged to see how people were able to stand up and present their own story.

What is your personal development story? Are you ready to write the next chapter?

Talk to us here at Red Button Marketing & Training or contact High Force Training on 01325 728413, or via email [email protected].