Marketing United

It’s the beautiful game, a game of two halves and the way that a country unites!

Do we mean the game of sales and marketing, or do we mean that derby match that gets everyone talking?  We will let you decide once you have read this blog feature.

So What Is The Concept Of "Game"?

Let’s start with the concept of game and by definition that is:

“an activity that one engages in for amusement or fun” or “eager or willing to do something new or challenging”.

Certainly, when it comes to business, there needs to be an element of enjoyment as it’s where we spend so much of our life! Equally, as the world around us moves at a pace, there are many challenges and opportunities that present themselves.

A Game Of Two Halves

Now let’s address the half issue; the ongoing issue and debate, sales and marketing or sales vs. marketing – how, why and when do they meet in the middle? Being upfront, they are simply in the same match at the same time!

The Concept Of Being United

Finally, the concept of being united! So, this is where we want to get down to the details.

We think it’s fair to say that a team who go out to a match with clear instructions on where they are playing on the pitch having attended regular training to enhance their skills and with a clear vision of why they are playing (also the right mindset!) then the chance of success is fairly high.

We will use this scenario as option 1.

Compare that with just sending out 11 football players onto a pitch having not attended training because they know they can kick a ball and offer no guidance on how to shape the team, so they all end up playing down the left wing! There is no game plan, no clear instructions and they can’t connect and get motivated as they don’t really think of themselves as football players, they are just in the right kit and are kicking the ball. This is option 2.

In respect of a match, there is such a need for agility, movement of players, ability to pivot and respond to the competition. That said, it’s also vital that a team holds its shape and uses this as a way to command and drive the game. Within the team there are different kinds of expertise and a natural attacker may not suit the role of defender. It’s about playing the right skills in the right places.

Thinking about business just for a second, imagine what would happen if we didn’t train our teams in the best strategies, techniques to maximise results and clarity on why things need to be done. Then we send our team out on the pitch to win the game and deliver a stunning performance but with no team structure in place. This is not really adding up to the best idea!

Let’s flip that around and imagine that we do train regularly and practice, practice and practice those set pieces that we know work but just need continued perfecting. We practice communication with each other, all have the same page structure, all know exactly why we need to pass the ball certain ways and all have our eyes on the goal!

Things are really starting to shape up. Which option is shouting out victory to you?

In Summary

Ok, so its time to summarise and close off this blog with certainty – the beautiful game of business is amazing and it takes sales and marketing to be on the pitch at the same time – both part of a structured process that is designed to create results. Its designed using the right skills, talent, knowledge and approach in the right places to get the best results. It’s designed in such a way that the players can be agile and respond. It’s designed so they can remain in solid shape and be totally engaged with why, who, what and when.

Now imagine that being the shape and framework of your marketing plan! If football unites a nation then our marketing process can unite a team!

Game on!

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