Releasing Marketing Magic with Supply Chain North East Workshops

What a fantastic series of workshops we have had throughout October with Supply Chain North East where we brought 12 hours of fully funded support to North East businesses, all geared around how to maximise marketing potential and drive results.

We love working with businesses to help them understand the role marketing plays within their business. During these workshops, the group discussed what marketing means and how everyone has a different interpretation of what marketing is. These ideas and our interpretation of thinking about marketing as a button provided clarity to delegates about marketing.

Key Take Aways

As we moved through the program some of the key take aways from the course were:

  • Increased motivation to plan marketing activities

  • Confidence to plan activities in a structured way

  • Involving team members more effectively with ease

The Supply Chain North East workshops were a wonderful opportunity to work with businesses and develop their marketing plans. The delegates learnt how simple yet effective marketing can be used to target different areas of your business at the same time, which can make a real difference business growth.

Red Button Marketing and Training's Managing Director said "Marketing can often seem like a headache which is time consuming. We help businesses change their perception about marketing. Whether, its building relationships with clients, promoting a particular product or defining the key message, marketing is at the heart of your business. Having a clear understanding of you marketing plan will enable you to see the potential you have to reach your targets and unitise the resources at your disposal."

The companies who have come through our course of workshops have the confidence to use their ideas to create marketing plans that are not complicated. They can now generate easy-to-implement marketing activities that target multiple areas of the business, which saves time and has enabled them to become more productive. Delegates can now target key areas of the business which will help them to progress and achieve their goals.

One of our delegates gave us this feedback: “I can see new ways to solve problems and can action ideas much more quickly.”

We think it is so important to have fun with marketing. Work towards achieving your targets and grow your business with Red Button Marketing & Training.