How To Add Fuel To Your Marketing Engine!

If someone told you to go and stoke the marketing engine – what would you think you were being asked to do?

Does that mean you grab a coal skuttle or put logs on?

Ok, so we are going to get the bit in the blog where we share some content however, we just love to get things moving with some questions. Why? Because it is so important that we start anything with full clarity on what we actually mean and that’s a key thing when talking about marketing anyway!

Your Marketing Process Machine

For this blog, we are referring to your marketing process machine, the thing that keeps turning in your business and pushing your business forward. You may have heard it referenced as that before, although, quite often that phrase can be used as a way to describe a particular element of marketing or a communication channel.

Let’s see marketing as a collective, a set of intricate relationships that need to be connected – so, lets imagine an engine powering performance.

Just for old times sake, we are going to think about that like a steam train. In the context of modern day and with technology advancing at such a rate, we could perhaps consider it as a top-level server, a place that powers functionality.

How We Add Fuel

So, back to the subject of how we fuel it. We could just leave it and settle for simply recognising it as an engine and leave it at that! Or we could see that we want to not just roll along the train tracks, we in fact, want to absolutely fly like the wind! We want to enjoy our journey with the wind in our hair, feel the breeze of business on our faces as we soar over the landscape just passing by challenges and obstacles and capturing the wonderful sights of ideas.

To achieve that we need to be stoking the engine, keeping it at optimum levels. We do that by the tasks we do. Yes, its that simple! When we get involved in marketing tasks and they are aligned to clear reasons from the start – we are more efficient, we capture knowledge and we can then feed that into our engine.

By using knowledge gained from our activity, we continue to deliver new insights that will help us in our next move.

Marketing Challenges

It is fair to say that we may not notice a slowing down of the engine straight away if we simply just do activity and don’t look at what we learn and how we can apply it. However, there will come a point when the engine stops and you are left on the tracks with no power to keep going.

This relates to when marketing hits a wall, there are too many challenges, we hit burnout, we are searching for something to ignite our souls!

Or we can see our engine before our eyes and take control of the fuel gauge.

Too often we hear businesses say that they don’t do any marketing. This just can’t be real, not if we fully understand the role and value of the marketing process.

It’s like seeing the tracks in front of you but refusing to get on the train that will take you to where you want to go. Being in business means you are already on the tracks so why wait for a crisis – stoke up the engine and go and be epic!

Your Invitation To Jump On Board The Button Express

We hope you have enjoyed this blog and we would like to invite you on a journey aboard our express train! We run regular webinars on the Button Express, this is our online training programme where we take you on 4 key stops that are fundamental to your marketing engine and help you create a plan that keeps you on track and the engine running smoothly.

We are due to depart from the first station which is where we look more closely at how to develop your marketing strategy starting with your vision, core values & offering.