How To Empower Those Who Are "Busy Doing Marketing"

I have loads of marketing to do, but what am I ACTUALLY doing?

Let's take a moment to just stop and think about this.  If there is one thing we love here at Button HQ its lifting the lid on something and digging more into what it actually means. Read on to discover how aligning activity with commercial outcomes can transform the meaning of "busy doing the marketing"...

So, What Do We Mean When We Say We Are "Busy"?

Just on a side note, we love the word “busy”! We all use it and that’s absolutely fine because sometimes we just need to say as it describes our state of mind.

Looking at this from a marketing perspective, its fascinating to think what busy really means. As we know, marketing is the success process of a business and is such an intricate set of relationships. If we say we are busy, what does that mean?

The Value Of Marketing

What is even more fascinating is if we combine this with gaining more insight into the value of marketing.

For example, for someone in a business who feels they are not involved in marketing and admit they don’t have any knowledge of what it is, they may not feel the same about the value it plays the same way that someone directly involved does.

So, going back to being busy, “doing the marketing” – it can be difficult for those outside the immediate marketing circle to fully see what being busy means and just what a difference it will make to the day to day.

Experience has shown us that marketeers can spend, perhaps more than they should, lots of time explaining or validating their tasks for others to understand. Fair to say, this doesn’t help the cause of increasing the value of marketing within a business.

Marketing As A Set Of Commercial Outcomes

If, however, we start by seeing marketing as a set of commercial outcomes so that everyone has that from the start, it offers incredible clarity as then everyone in a business knows exactly why marketing will be carrying out certain tasks. There is less need to have to explain what and why with more time being spent on getting relevant and business orientated tasks done.

Its also worth addressing that marketing outcomes are not necessarily “sales” – a sale is the outcome of the sales process. This is probably another blog and we will be super excited to focus on that join and wonderful partnership of “sales and marketing”. In the meantime, lets make sure we deal with what being “busy” in marketing means.

If we are busy undertaking activities that relate to certain outcomes which the business needs in order to create a connected, marketing led culture of success then that’s a fair response!

Perhaps those operating in marketing roles say “busy” and mean, “I have loads to do and I am not sure I have the time to explain the complexities or strategy that I am following in order to maximise, optimize and keep driving our success and performance process forward!”

Imagine that some of those outcomes that marketing can influence directly as a result of time, talent and output are generating referrals and testimonials and managing the development and upselling to clients.

So, now lets revert back to “I am busy” then wow, that’s a great kind of busy and one that offers clarity to everyone involved.

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