How To Grow Your Business With A Solid Marketing Structure

In this blog we think about different landmarks and structures around the world; how these withstand the elements and how this aligns to the structure within your marketing. 

Does you plan consist of just a list of tasks or can you consider aligning tasks to a structure built with business outcomes in mind?

Discovering Structures Around The World

Each of us have our own take on what structure means – if for a minute we think about this in an architectural way then I guess we immediately think of those amazing structures around the world that offer representation.

Representation in terms of what we, as individuals take from its mere being. For example, we may want to go and visit the Great Wall of China as it offers an experience or visual. How do we want to feel about seeing it? Are we excited about discovering how it makes us feel?

Perhaps when we think of these visible structures, another of which is the Angel of The North, it stands for something and can also give us a sense of belonging or pride.

On a practical level, we probably all seek comfort in the fact that reliable structures are just that; capable of withstanding the elements, the impact of life and still be able to be relied upon.

Do we ask ourselves if these structures that we see and are available to us actually present us with meaning, purpose, focus and a route to capture experiences?

It may be nothing more than something appealing to the eye. Although, we would always advocate that whilst it may offer the eye a pleasant sight, the experience does in fact go deeper than that.

Let’s Now Put All That Into Business & Particularly Marketing...

Firstly, let’s think about what marketing actually means – we are certain someone once said its good to start at the beginning.

Marketing is a business process, it's born within an organisation and delivered on by incredible people. The nature of how that process looks, how it stands up, supports and drives change is another.

What is super interesting is the perception of marketing being just something that someone does or an agency do, it’s worth considering it’s a full process that belongs to the business.

Marketing As A Full Process That Belongs To The Business

Quite a statement, but it's putting it into context which does give a clear starting point for everyone involved whether internal or external resource. To then consider this process in the form of a structure, all of a sudden our minds go back to things like, experiences, outcomes, feelings, people, belonging and impact.

Surely these are all essential components of any marketing structure. The core of the process needs to contain a structure so that marketing itself can move, respond, deliver, drive, impact and grow.

Aligning Tasks With Business Outcomes

So it's worth thinking about the structure within your marketing. Does you plan consist of just a list of tasks or can you consider aligning tasks to a structure built with business outcomes in mind? Imagine what could happen if that was visual to all of your team and external providers – imagine the results of all activities if they were attached to a commercially based structure.

We know that business offers challenges, opportunities, changes and influences and as nothing ever stands still, it is super healthy to have at the heart of our businesses a structure that helps keep things grounded, reliable and solid.

Progress is the combination of withstanding the commercial elements as well as maximizing potential and accelerating.

For more details or a conversation around a visible structure to embed to create a marketing led culture, please just get in touch and lets start talking.