How To Put Marketing and Accountability Hand In Hand

This is one of those conundrums that sparks great conversation, how can you put marketing and accountability in the same sentence and everyone know what you mean?

Do the two go hand in hand?

Once we throw the word marketing into the mix, suddenly “accountability” is like a hot potato, who wants to hold their hands up and say “yes, that’s me”?

Marketing MUST Bring Accountability

We would certainly welcome any comments about this, as we love this kind of discussion. Why you may ask, well, it's because we totally believe that there are ways to align accountability right at marketing’s door.

In fact, as a business process, marketing is the very thing that MUST bring with it accountability and present itself in a clear way to everyone in a business.

The Part That Analytics Play

Let’s take the idea of analytics as that is very much the trend now and a buzz word for many operating within the marketing arena. Can we just say, yes, we do love analytics, they totally have their place in this world and need to show us quite precisely where our digital channels are succeeding, hopefully! However, if we then consider a person who is paid a salary and working in a marketing team – the time they spend on tasks as part of that job also needs accounting for.

It's worth considering that the person in a marketing role may well present their findings in an analytical sense, but what time was spent doing that and WHY?

Are we paying people to produce analytics, or we are paying people to deliver on business outcomes and their time on tasks is part of the vehicle to get us there?

Accountability Married With Business Outcomes

If we think about accountability in line with business outcomes, suddenly, things become much clearer and the answer to “why are you doing that”? makes heaps more sense. The other very important aspect of this is the motivation of the team and them feeling a sense of involved in the bigger picture.

Take a few moments to think about what your marketing picture looks like and how you can motivate people who deliver on your marketing to be positively accountable for quite amazing business reasons.

Red Button Marketing & Training offers training for your team in a powerful planning process which incorporates 12 business outcomes. Embed this in your business to bring full accountability for your marketing activity.

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