Let's Talk About Credibility

What Is Credibility?

Credibility is the quality of 'being trusted and believed in'. Particularly within business 'credibility' is extremely important to ensure customers build trust and confidence towards your brand, which will ultimately have a huge impact upon sales.

How Can You Make Your Business More Credible?

  • Training

  • Accreditations

  • Qualifications

  • Certificates

  • Experiences

  • Testimonials

  • Industry events attended

  • Years of service

  • Employee experience

Why Is Credibility Important?

Your business needs to have credibility in order to build a reputation. Choosing which company to work with or buy from is heavily impacted by your reputation compared to your competition. Look at your competition or industry leader testimonials and the customers they have previously worked with. Next, use this information to ask your customers if they would produce similar content based upon their experience with your company. You can then promote these through your communications to reinforce your business reputation. We sometimes forget just how powerful a review can be to attract new customers.

Being credible gives your business a sense of authority, as it backs up the claims and promises of your business. If you have had training or are accredited by a national body, sharing this information with prospective customers leads them to build trust that your business is the right choice. Your knowledge of the industry you are a part of helps to promote your expertise which provides great power in their purchase decision making.

Why Is Communicating Your Credibility Important?

  • Builds trust

  • Shows competitive advantage

  • Helps to build a relationship between your audience and the brand

  • Encourages respect

  • Improves confidence in your business

Promoting your credibility is a way of advertising a different side of your business to your target audience, in addition to promoting the unique selling points of your product or service. Credibility backs up why your offering is more valuable to the customer and provides evidence to support your brand, meaning trust in your business will be higher.

How Can Credibility Help Your Business?

Credibility is integral to growing your business and showing you are an industry leader. During the information search stage of your customers journey, finding information that supports your business with evidence of your knowledge and experience helps build credibility.

You could communicate these by making them available for your audience to read on your website and/or social channels. If you have a premises you could have your certificates framed on the wall. You can also include quotes, credentials and more in adverts as well as telling people by word of mouth.

Remember your credibility is constantly evolving as you have new experiences, gain knowledge and your business grows.

Key Takeaways From This Blog:

  1. Credibility builds trust between potential customers and your company and supports your brand image

  2. There are multiple ways you can show your credibility

  3. As you build your credibility you will gain more respect within the marketplace, from your customers and target audience.

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