What Is Our Marketing Methodology?

When we talk about our unique marketing methodology, we want you to understand what this means. Underpinned by The CPD (Continued Professional Development) Standards Office and The Institute of Leadership and Management, our methodology helps you to input your marketing strategy into your everyday activities.

Think of your business like a button. In fact, your business is the button! You need to keep the button stitched on with the threads you weave through it which are the focus points of your marketing activities. The stronger the thread, the stronger the button will hold. This approach enables you to focus on key elements that are important to your business, and build your plans around these so that you can ensure you are meeting your targets in these areas.

Specifying clear targets is essential so that you can create achievable tasks to work through. We help you to look at your business and what you want to achieve, which helps to give you perspective when you are looking at how you would like to grow your business.

Also, look at what has been successful in the past and what hasn’t; can you use your successful ideas again? What have you learnt from activities that have not worked and how can this help you for your future endeavours? Using your past experience can be highly beneficial when planning your marketing activities because it gives you insight into what has been successful in the past.

Now you can think about turning your ideas into a plan with actionable points so that you can track your team’s progress to completion. This plan should contain small tasks that are easy to achieve in order to reach your higher target, this makes your plan realistic and much less intimidating. Certain tasks will combine your key focuses in one task, this means you can work towards different focuses, achieving different goals at the same time. Remember to make time to check your progress every so often, so that you can keep on top of the tasks you have set, and keep to important deadlines. Don’t worry if you have to move deadlines as things happen, meaning that your plans may change. Keeping your end goals in sight is the key to achieving them.

Our framework is accredited by The CPD Standards Office and The Institute of Leadership and Management which are excellent sources of ongoing support and guidance. ‘The CPD serves the public interest by helping to raise the effectiveness of professionals through the promotion of CPD as an important and integral element of lifelong learning.’ The Institute of Leadership and Management are ‘experts, since 1947 we have carried out extensive research into the knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviours and values of great leadership. We use our expertise to continually raise standards and to help others develop and grow.