Celebrating North East Business With NEPIC

When it comes to collaboration and community, we are on the button! Having spent time building our offering for businesses and gaining validation and accreditation, we knew an essential part of our strategy was to reach out to highly respected organisations in the region that support SMEs.

One such group was NEPIC and we are loving being members and getting involved in their events and communications. Recently we had the pleasure of hosting a webinar around the concept of what is a marketing framework and what does it mean to a business. This was such an exciting event for us as it marks a real milestone in our journey.

The North East is home to such a fantastic range of businesses and their output to not only the UK domestic market but globally is significant. We recognised the role that NEPIC play in supporting many of these key businesses and those involved in supply chain. Being involved with an organisation that continues to highlight the fantastic work being done here is very much something we want to be part of.

Whilst we are fully passionate about our methodology and the amazing range of benefits to a business, we are equally passionate about getting out there and talking to businesses.

So, a big red button thank you to NEPIC for the opportunity and for their continued support with our training programme. If you are an SME with a motivation to explore a new way to plan your activity so you see increased return on investment, then check out our upcoming workshops