Training Workshops Empower Businesses Accross The North East Of England

We recently teamed up with with RTC North to deliver training workshops as part of Supply Chain North East over the course of 3 weeks. 

We had a wonderful time meeting and working with different businesses, whilst helping them to develop their marketing strategies.

We delivered 2 cohorts of our training workshop, each one being over 3 mornings. We talked about marketing, what it means and how people feel it sits in their business. The sessions were interactive and gave attendees a chance to look differently at their businesses both in terms of where they are now and what they have planned for the future.

Gaining A Broader Understanding Of Marketing
& The Benefits Of Using A Marketing Framework

Those who came along felt that they had a broader appreciation of marketing and could see the benefit of using a new framework to support planning and tracking. Others talked about how it gave them a chance to see how they could reshape job roles and offer other people in their team an opportunity.

In addition to the learning a new planning framework, there was also focus on where the button methodology sits in terms of the bigger picture. Time was spent looking at external influences and what impacts a business’ community. The opposite aspect to this is what internal marketing is and how that plays such a key role in the end result.

12 Step Process For Marketing Planning

Attendees commented that by breaking down marketing into 12 key steps and showing how and why they work together enabled them to see how they can easily adopt an effective marketing strategy and maintain it.

Mike Dodds, Owner of Ezetool Group, also sent us this amazing video testimonial about how we have helped them to gain a new perspective about their marketing planning. As well as helping them to understand how they can make the most of their business and utilise any opportunities that present themselves.

Here are some of the businesses we have worked with:

  • Ezetool Group

  • Grape Software

  • Mission Studios

  • My Sea Glass Company

  • Patrick Lonergan Recruitment

  • Sarah Seed

  • Sustainable Business Service

  • V print Collective