Episode 3: INSPIRE word of mouth marketing via great Customer Service

In this episode of Button Banter we are joined by Ian Sadler, Customer Experience Director from Insight 6.

We’re focussing on one of four parts of the Red Button Marketing & Training marketing process today – your clients and how well you work with them.

Ian brings the perspective of how businesses invest in marketing but don’t necessarily invest internally in training to help their staff be the best they can be so that customers can be nurtured, retained and business can be developed with them.

We look at the customer experience; thinking about where you are now and where you want to be in the future. Look at your frustrations, headaches and how to get insight into why you are where you are… how do your customers feel?

Finally we discuss some common problems that businesses face and give some creative ideas on how to fix problems and give customers a fantastic customer experience… which will result in lots of great testimonials and word of mouth marketing.

Join Ian and Mags live at our event on 8th March 2023: Maximise Your Potential With Your Clients