Introducing Our Awesome Button Champions

We are delighted to present our button champions, these are external experts with vast experience in client journey and target markets. The addition of expertise in the two community areas of our process will help us to support our learners with additional insights and ideas.

Introducing Our Awesome Button Champions Introducing Our Awesome Button Champions

Adding Valuable Knowledge & Insights To Your Marketing Plan

There many external influences that happen in these two areas and the knowledge and insights we gain have huge impact on our marketing plans, so we are excited to further strengthen our workshops with guests who can complement the very process that will support you as you move forward on your business journey and marketing planning.

Liz Lawrence, Prospects Button-Hole Champion

Start-ups to large corporations across industries including education, care, government, vehicle, emergency services and more have relied on Liz's 20+ years of professional marketing and communications experience to lead and drive growth. 

Liz has a great way of explaining things to the non-marketer and works with diligence, pace, and flair.  Her data-driven approach uses market intelligence and research to develop brands, businesses and products/services. Liz has delivered successful campaigns, and enhanced customer journeys, significantly increasing conversions and sales.

Successful projects include implementing CRMs and websites and delivering targeted, tailored, and timely content driving attraction, consideration, decision-making, and customer advocacy.

Ian Sadler, Clients Button-Hole Champion

Ian loves working with local businesses. His areas of specialism are: Customer Service, Customer Journey, Feedback, Focus Groups, Mystery Shopping, and Sales. Ian knows it's a challenge running a business and it's very typical to hear business owners/managers saying: 

  • "I'm frustrated as the team does not deliver to the standard set" 

  • "I'm concerned as we need to retain and gain more customers" 

  • "I'm anxious as we need to make more money, but we are failing to convert a good business enquiry, and/or failing to increase the average transaction spend" 

Through measurement and development, Ian will help you to improve customer reviews, retain and gain customers, and sell more!

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