Apprentice awarded exciting opportunity

We are so excited to have awarded a permanent role to Holly Snowball who has successfully completed an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing.

Holly joined our team at Red Button Marketing Training in March 2023 and through Baltic Apprenticeships undertook a Level 3 apprenticeship to develop digital marketing and content skills.

During the 15-month training programme, Holly was involved in all aspects of the business and became an integral part of our team. Following successfully passing her apprenticeship and as a result of demonstrating excellent skills, a keenness for making a difference and being such a positive member of a small team, she has secured an opportunity for the long term.

We are so pleased to welcome Holly on board as our Digital Marketing and Training Administrator.

Her role is to support the business with digital outreach, content creation, engagement with audiences and manage the administration around training programmes, such as pre-course documents, feedback and certification.

Holly said: “I am so pleased to be a permanent member of Team Button now, and I am so thankful for every opportunity for growth and development that working for Red Button Marketing Training has given me.”

Margaret said: “We are just so happy that Holly is now a fully-fledged buttoner! Holly has been fantastic through her training and so much is down to her commitment and positive attitude. She has worked so hard over the past 15 months and being able to offer her employment with us is just brilliant. Holly is a key part of the team and her unofficial title of Social Stitcher means she will absolutely keep us in a good place.”

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