Module 1:
How to Ignite Your Vision, Values & Offering

This exciting module introduces a revolutionary way to take your business vision and use that to begin to build a reliable and purpose driven marketing plan that will help you share your story, develop sales and stay up to date on market trends.

We’ll take a deep dive into your WHY, exploring things like your offering, brand identity and core values. We then show you how to connect that knowledge and expertise to shape a plan that keeps you on track, offers ideas, and saves time.

Module 1: <br>How to Ignite Your Vision, Values & Offering Module 1: <br>How to Ignite Your Vision, Values & Offering

Online Course: Create Your Commercial Marketing Strategy (Module 1)

Join us for this live webinar and start your journey to creating a robust marketing strategy powered by The Marketing Performance Framework(TM). In module 1 you will:

  • See what the marketing process looks like so it can power your business performance

  • Start to create a marketing plan that enables your business vision to breathe

  • Learn how to harness your knowledge & expertise in order to reach your goals

  • Save time and money by staying connected to a plan built with shape and structure

Big Button Benefits

  • Get 6 months access to award winning technology that gives you an online way to manage tasks & stay aligned to purpose (worth £240)

  • Add 2 CPD points to your portfolio

  • Begin your journey with The Marketing Performance Framework(TM)

  • Only £149 + VAT for your first module, then £49 + VAT each for the remaining 3 modules (if completed within 6 months of first module)

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How to Ignite Your Vision, Values & Offering (Module 1)

6th March 2024, 12.30pm-2.30pm, online