Episode 1: The MOVE From Uni Into The World Of Work

Red Button Marketing & Training Founder, Mags Bradshaw chats to Katie Rhodes about how she found the move from being a Marketing student at Teesside University into a Graduate Program at Digital Marketing specialists Colewood.

In this episode we chat creativity, confidence building, what marketing actually is, how we all need to keep learning, finding a great fit within a team and culture.

Keep listening for Katie's top 3 tips for anyone looking to go into marketing.

Show Notes

2.20 Introducing Katie Rhodes, Digital Marketing Executive at Colewood.

2.30 Katie’s experience at Teesside University, studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, how a passion for creativity got her into it and what was great about it.

7.20 How her understanding of what marketing is changed since she joined the world of work and the Graduate program at Colewood, working within the Social Media Team.

8.25 How she went for an internship in social media initially to build confidence and obtain 1:1 support

10.01 How Katie feels she really fits in with one big family and a great culture at Colewood, a local company based in Stockton offering Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media and Email Marketing services.

12.30 Katie’s journey on the graduate program at Colewood, where she gained a broad range of experience over the last 9 or 10 months

14.15 How was the move from Uni to the world of work?

16.00 What marketing is

17.00 Value and purpose

18.23 How adopting a process helps to remove pressure, promote teamwork and enable people to be themselves and enjoy what they do at work

20.00 We all need to keep learning

21.00 The next challenge for Katie

22.40 For marketing to be effective in a business, everyone has a role to play and its great when this is connected like it is at Colewood.

22.50 Top 3 tips for anyone looking to go into marketing:

25.10 Applying her creativity at Colewood

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